2016 Duck Season Guide

A state by state guide to the Duck Season regulations to apply in 2016. 


The 2016 Duck Season opens on Saturday, March 19, 2016 and closes on Monday, June 13, 2016.

Season bag limits (modified);

Daily bag limit on opening day (Saturday, March 19 only) — 8 birds

Daily bag limit for every other day of the season (March 20 – June 13) — 4 birds per day

Seven of the eight species of game duck that can be hunted during 2016: Pacific Black duck, Mountain duck, Chestnut teal, Grey teal, Pink-eared duck, Wood duck and Hardhead.

Closed season for; Blue-winged Shoveler.

Hunter regulations;

All hunters, including juniors (12–17 years), must hold a valid Game Licence endorsed to hunt duck. When hunting duck, carry your current Game Licence (endorsed for duck) and your Firearm’s Licence.

Quail Season

The open season for Stubble Quail is from the first Saturday in April until June 30 in each year. The bag limit is set at 20 birds per day.

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An open season for a limited number of duck species has been approved from Saturday, March 19, 2016, to Sunday, June 26, 2016.

Hunters may only take a total of five ducks per hunter per day.

The species to which the open season applies is limited to the following; Grey teal, Chestnut teal, Australian wood duck, Pink-eared duck, Pacific Black duck, Mountain duck.

Closed season for; Australasian (Blue-winged) Shoveler and Hardhead.

Hunter regulations

To shoot duck in South Australia, a duck hunting permit is required. In order to obtain a duck hunting permit, hunters must have passed a Waterfowl Identification Test and have a firearm’s permit for a shotgun.

Individuals hunting on private land are required to have the written permission of the landowner.

Quail Season

Saturday, 13 February until Sunday, 31 July, with a reduced bag limit of 20 stubble quail per hunter per day, down from 25 last season.

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Tasmania has declared a duck season from Saturday, 5 March, 2016 to Sunday, 5 June, 2016 with a bag limit of 10 ducks per day.

Tasmania has a number of species of waterfowl but only five may be hunted; Chestnut teal, Grey teal, Wood duck, Mountain duck and Black duck.

Species not be taken include; Blue-winged shoveler, Hardhead duck, Musk duck, Freckled duck, Pink-eared duck, Blue-billed duck, Plumed tree duck.

Hunter regulations

Hunters wanting to take wild ducks in Tasmania must first pass a Waterfowl Identification Test.

They must also have purchased a game licence to hunt wild duck and have the permission of the landowner on whose land the hunting is to take place.

Brown quail

The 2016 season opens from Saturday, May 14 to Sunday, June 26 with a bag limit of 20 per day. Only Brown quail can be taken.

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