Assessments Underway at Toolondo

Toolondo Reservoir under scrutiny for closure due to the presence of protected species. (image via

As part of the regular scrutiny from government and regulatory bodies, surveys continue to be undertaken at wetlands. These processes are in place to determine if the populations of protected species are at levels that require wetlands to be fully or partially closed, or other management actions undertaken.

If you're planning a trip to Toolondo over the weekend, please stay connected, as there may be changes to access to this area for hunting as part of these management actions.

If the Toolondo Reservoir is fully or partially closed to hunting while protected species are present, Field & Game Australia encourages and expects all ethical hunters to obey the laws and help protect non-game species in the area.

Anti-hunting extremist groups have been flagrantly wasting public resources with frivolous Supreme Court appearances in a bid to have these wetlands closed, when procedures are already in place to enable the responsible Ministers, government departments and regulatory bodies to take management measures where necessary.

We will keep you updated on the status of Toolondo Reservoir as soon as news comes to hand.

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