Toolondo Reservoir Partial Closure Confirmed

Toolondo Reservoir: The red hatched area is being closed to hunting until June 13. (image via Google Maps)

A notice in today's Herald-Sun (page 63) confirms that Toolondo Reservoir will have a partial closure for most of the remaining Victorian Duck Season. While the official Government Gazette has not yet been published, Field & Game Australia suggests treating the closure as being effective from today, to avoid any possibility of illegal hunting. This section of the Toolondo Reservoir will be closed until June 13 (inclusive).

The area is the eastern-most body of water at the reservoir, shown above with red hatching. The closure also includes the channel between the eastern and southern lakes.

The closure is a result of regular government procedure in response to populations of certain species of waterfowl.

If you are heading out to Toolondo, please make sure you know the boundaries of the closed area and obey any official signage; but above all, hunt safely, respectfully and ethically, and enjoy spending time with your family and friends.

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