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2016 is a long way from 1958, the year Field & Game Australia formed. Yet we continue to face many of the same challenges.

As a member of Australia’s largest wetlands conservation group, Field & Game Australia, you are aware of the vital importance of managing habitat with wildlife populations for effective game management. You see yourself as a conservationist first, and hunter second.

 To recognise the valuable contribution by members and address public perception FGA is launching a new, public educational campaign, designed to highlight conservation work and encourage discussion in the wider community. ‘Australia’s Most Surprising Conservationists’ delivers balance between hunting and conservation, and ensures that our environmental works are more visible and better recognised in our community. These vital works protect over 100 species of native flora and fauna, as well as endangered non-game birds, all of which depend wholly or partly upon wetland habitats.

We’ve already advertised on television. These are all possible thanks to generous donations from our members. Your contribution, big or small, can help make this campaign a reality.

Our volunteers give their valuable time to conservation work, restoring and maintaining wetlands, building and erecting nest boxes, undertaking waterfowl surveys, conducting waterfowl identification courses, lobbying government to retain wetlands, and managing feral pests to protect native species. These undertakings and our significant wetland restoration and conservation programs, including the purchase and maintenance of new and old wetlands, represent thousands of hours of FGA member volunteer work.

We can’t take what we have for granted, we have to continue to tell the real story and push back against those who misrepresent hunters and their tradition of conservation and ethical and sustainable use of natural resources.


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