Northern Territory's Season Takes Off With Technology

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This year hunters in the NT will have the ability to record and report their hunting success online, in real-time, while still out in the field, thanks to a new mobile phone app launched by the NT Department of Tourism and Culture.

The app also includes waterfowl species identification guides, maps and locations of hunting reserves, need-to-know information around limits, times, and non-toxic shot, and provides the ability to report illegal hunting and problem crocodiles.

The NT season was announced on July 1, and is a slightly shortened season this year with a lower bag limit, allowing hunters to take up to 7 magpie geese and 10 of the approved game waterfowl per day.

NT Field & Game President Gavin Lovelock encouraged hunters to behave responsibly and hunt ethically while out in the field.

“Each hunter is an ambassador for the cultural traditions of hunting, and as ambassadors, we expect each hunter to be respectful of the environment, their quarry, and of other people, at all times.”

“The mobile phone app that’s come out this year can help with reporting illegal hunting. If you see someone doing the wrong thing, as a responsible hunter you should be reporting it.”

“The app allows you to report your harvest as well, and that’s a great step forward in collecting good data and evidence to support the management of hunting, waterfowl populations, and habitat, which is the most important factor for waterfowl.”

Mr Lovelock encouraged hunters to take advantage of the season, even with the reduced bag limits.

Mr Lovelock said “Magpie geese have a great flavour and a reduced bag is no reason to pass up the opportunity to harvest a few of these birds for the table.”

“Hunters from the NT and across Australia look forward to the NT goose season all year, we’ve got the highest number of permitted hunters on record this year, which is great for tourism and the hunter dollars that they will bring in to local businesses.”

“Whether you’re a local or have flown up to experience the NT season, have a safe and successful season, and be sure to try out a new recipe with this incredible wild food.”

The Northern Territory Waterfowl Hunting Season opens on October 1.

For more information, visit the NT Government's website, or download the NT Hunting Mate app.

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