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Anti-hunting propaganda plumbs new depths

A crude leaflet distributed in inner city Melbourne gives some indication of the depths animal liberationists are prepared to go.

Although poorly produced and unsigned, the content of an anti-hunting leaflet circulated in Melbourne is detailed and clearly targeted at the uninformed middle ground who know little about hunting or wild food.

It seeks to draw a contentious and misleading link between Field & Game Australia, hunting and the scourge of violent youth crime sweeping Melbourne.

It attacks Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government in Victoria for putting $5.4 million into shooting sports, misrepresenting the grants as being associated with the killing of animals.

Those grants have funded facilities for branches, improved accessibility and provided vital equipment to maintain popular clay target competitions for men, women and juniors.

This appalling leaflet makes the outrageous claim that FGA is Australia’s version of the National Rifle Association and that through shooting sports we seek to normalise violent behaviour in children.

“How long can it be before they bring a gun to the next brawl?” the leaflet asks.

The leaflet cites the sanctioned duck and quail seasons as government sponsorship of killing animals, the natural extension of which is a progression to violence against other humans.

A characteristic of psychopaths is that they have at some stage engaged in cruelty to, or killing of animals but the author twists the science to instead suggest that killing animals produces psychopaths who kill people.

The leaflet is so whacky nobody put a name to it but never the less, it is out there and some who read it may well believe it. It is another reason to explain why the real story of FGA, hunting and wild food for the table is so important.

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